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Stanbic IBTC's Recruitment 2016

Hey joblanders.

Stanbic IBTC is currently recruiting for the positions of Relationship manager-workplace Banking, Personal banker, Business banker (North-SouthWest-SouthSouth), Senior Human capital business partner-CIB, Legal officer-CIB Transactional-Legal services, Team leader Rehabilitates, Equity manager and two other legal positions.
Kindly visit their site@
Deadline is May,2016.
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PHOTO: Nigerian Breaks 187-Year-Old Record At University Of London

A Nigerian academic, Professor Abiodun Alao, will today deliver inaugural lecture at King’s College,
University of London, making him the first black
African scholar to deliver such lecture since the
institution was established in 1829.

Alao, a professor of African Studies, was conferred
with professorial title about two years ago alongside
his Nigerian counterpart in the institution’s African
Leadership Centre, Prof. Funmi Olonisakin, making
them first black Africans to attain professorial cadre
at the institution since its establishment.

The appointments have been confirmed in a letter
by the institution’s President and Principal, Prof.
Edward Byrne AC, justifying their elevations based
on their contributions to African peace and security.
According to a statement obtained by Vanguard
yesterday, Alao had published several single-
authored books, well-researched journal articles and
occasional papers, among others, which findings
and recommendations “have largely helped
establish peace and boost security in many African

In an institution that produced 12 Nobel Laureates
among its professors, the statement said Alao had
distinguished himself, citing about 100 widely
recognized 100 academic articles and encyclopedia
entries he had published, all of which were
assessed to accord him professorial title.

As an academic tradition globally, the statement
said the Nigerian academic would today deliver his
inaugural lecture, titled, “Africa: A Voice to be
Heard, Not a Problem to be Solved” at the Edward
Safra Lecture Theatre at the college’s main campus.
The statement said the inaugural lecture, holding at
the institution’s Edward Lecture Theatre on the
Strand, “will be attended by many people from
different parts of the world, including from the
United States, Australia, Kenya, South Africa and

Aside his academic contributions, Alao joined the
long list of globally renowned academics the
institution had produced and whose research works
had produced answers to different challenges of
humanity and society since its establishment.
The statement pointed diverse assignments Alao
had undertaken for international institution, which
include the United Nations (UN), African Union (AU),
European Union (EU), World Bank, ECOWAS and for
many individual countries in Africa and beyond.
It added that Alao was part of the 4-person team
that undertook “a comprehensive threat assessment
for Rwanda immediately after the 1994 genocide
and was on the team of academic experts that
advised former UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan on
the civil war in Sierra Leone.

“He also co-authored the Concept Note for the
Common Defence and Security Policy for the Africa
Union and was the co-author of the first post-Civil
War National Security Strategy Framework for
Liberia. He was a member of the team that worked
on the Development of Donor Countries
Effectiveness in Fragile States, the statement said.
Ranking among the top 20 universities in the world,
King’s College London holds a unique position in
global scholarship, which the statement said, was
evident in the landmark research works the
institution’s professors and alumni had conducted
since its establishment several decades ago.

Among its landmark research works, the statement
cited the research that led to the discovery of the
famous genetic testing, DNA undertaken at the
College by Prof. Maurice Wilkins, while another
retired scholar of the institution, Prof. John Lister,
developed Antiseptic Surgery.

It cited the researches of Prof. Charles Wheatstone,
who “invented the first working telegraphs line and
Prof. James Maxwell, who began humanity’s first
steps towards a unified theory of physics by
bringing magnetism and electricity together in a
research that paved way for radio, television, radar
and mobile phones.

“The College also has among its former Professors,
Thomas Hodgkin, who discovered the Hodgkin
disease that was named after him and John Danrell
who invented the world’s first battery,” the
statement added.
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Chimamanda Adichie to receive Johns Hopkins honorary degree

Johns Hopkins University, Maryland, United States has announced a list of eight distinguished achievers who will receive honorary degrees this year.

The honorary degree will be conferred at the universitywide commencement ceremony on May 18 at Royal Farms Arena.

The list includes award-winning novelist Chimamanda  Ngozi Adichie, who earned a prestigious creative writing master's from the university, filmmaker Spike Lee, Nobel Prize winner Richard Axel and Ellen M Heller, Maryland’s first woman to become an administrative Circuit Court judge.

John Hopkins University President Ronald J. Daniels, said that they have made a lasting impact on the arts, public health, the law, neuroscience, and the resilience of communities here in Baltimore and across the globe.
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Suspended UNILAG student body accuses management of ‘victimization’

The University of Lagos Students’ Union has accused the school’s management of trampling on the rights of the students as well as issuing misleading information to the public.

At a press conference in Lagos Tuesday, the students said they were exploring legal and political solutions to the impasse with the university authority.

“As students and social engineers who have been taught by professors, Ph.D. holders and a plethora of intelligent academics, we find it illegal and draconian that the University of Lagos management would suspend the University of Lagos Students’ Union on the basis that we peacefully agitated for our rights,” the students’ body said.

“Quite succinctly, Section 40 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended) grants the right to peaceful assembly and association.

“We, therefore, find the management’s assertion that the union was suspended because of violence that erupted out of the peaceful protest, unacceptably misleading.‎”
The school authority on April 7 ordered the closure of the institution following students’ protests over epileptic power and poor water supply.

Last week, the institution announced the dissolution of the student union until further notice.
It also stated that every student was required to sign an undertaking and parents’ indemnity forms before they would be allowed to return to the school, ahead of resumption of academic activities on May 2.

The students’ union body described the conditions as “ridiculous”.

‎”It is laughable that students are being coerced into signing certain preposterous undertaking forms, while already frustrated parents are equally being left with no option as they sign the indemnity forms,” they said.

“We understand the plight of our parents and we want to, at this juncture reassure them that this struggle is in the best interest of their children/wards.

“Let us state unequivocally that no student was expelled, suspended or rusticated as a consequence of our peaceful protest. Hence, we find it shocking that the school management has decided to re-absorb/re-admit already matriculated students.

The students’ union advised those who had signed the undertakings to also obtain an affidavit that shows they were made to sign the forms under duress.

They also challenged the school management to present evidence that facilities were damaged during their protest weeks ago.

“To the entire public, we must resonate that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere,” the statement continued.

“Today, the gross injustice that we suffer from the hands of the University of Lagos Management is a threat to the entire public.

“Very sadly and unfortunately, the, University of Lagos, being an Ivory Tower is hell bent on churning out insufficiently equipped graduates.

“We hereby encourage students to remain strong and affirmative at this critical moment as we have already sought both legal and political counsels and are taking steps already. Be sure that in the end, victory is certain.”
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Meet The 500 Level Rusticated Student Of Universiry Of Ibadan

Here is Tunji Epketi Micheal, a 500L student of the department of Petroleum Engineering, Faculty of Technology and a resident of Independence Hall, who was recently rusticated from University of Ibadan.

UCJ: Can you tell us what really transpired and why a disciplinary action was taken against you?

MOTE: Basically, it boiled down to the protest over light and water that occurred on the 18th of November last year, that is, 2015. For a truth, the protest was peaceful in every way; there was no vandalisation of any property in the school, harassment of anybody. So what it boiled down to for them then at the committee. They (the SDC people) asked why I joined the protest since I didn’t have a room legally in Independence Hall. But Independence hall shows on my ID card, it’s the hall I was from 100 Level. Just that in 400 Level I didn’t have a room. So they asked why exactly I joined the protest over light and water. Then I now made it clear to them that it wasn’t that I set out to join because I was even on my I.T in Port Harcourt, then I just got back for some particular reasons. So it wasn’t like I set out to do it. The day the protest thing happened, I was on my way to my hall and all. I saw them and I got down knowing fully well that I knew these people so I joined. So that was the reason.

UCJ: Okay. You have clarified that you were a part of the protest.


UCJ: So was it true that you led the protest. That you were the ringleader, the master minder?

MOTE: No, that was not true.

UCJ: You said you came to school for a particular reason(s) because you were in Port Harcourt on your I.T. so, what really brought you to school that day?

MOTE: Okay, the most pressing any way .., because there were different sets of reasons. But the most pressing was the scholarship I got; P.T.D.F; Petroleum Development Trust Fund. And the scholarship comes with some amount of money and a laptop back in October. My I.T started in September. In October I was around to pick the laptop. We were notified that the laptop had got to the department that was in October. Then in November, the time I came back and the protest thing happened, we were sent emails to bring our school receipts so they (PTDF) could process our payments. I didn’t have my receipt with me in Port Harcourt and we were sent the mails like two weeks earlier prior to the time I came back and there was a deadline. So that was like the most pressing. Although, I purposely tried to delay it so that when I will be back to get the receipt and submit it to the department it will coincide with the time we were having our hall week. Because back then, I had the intention of running for the post of the Administrator General in Indy hall and I did not want to miss the hall week. And you know how it is doing I.T you don’t have a lot of free days. I knew I had a week so I wanted to just use the week wisely. I had spoken to my supervisor at work to give me a week that would fall into the hall week so I would get the receipts and take part in the hall week.

UCJ: It is a belief among many students on campus that this disciplinary action was a sort of political victimization. Can you clarify that in relation to the fact that you had the mind to contest for the position of the Administrator General of your hall?

MOTE: Well, I don’t know. You know the way it is in politics, a whole lot is said in the heat of the moment and a whole lot is unsubstantiated. But, well……at that time a whole lot of stuffs was flying everywhere that the school has an interest in the elections. We even heard our hall warden saying that this guy will never be the AG in this hall. A lot of people heard him when he said it, a good number of times. So, that made people looks inwardly. It was obvious that there was a lot of interest in this particular election. I can’t substantiate a lot. But all I can substantiate was a particular petition written against me by one of my opponents to the Dean of Students. That’s like the only physical proof. The bad blood got to that point that a student was petitioning another student. Knowing fully well that even at that point I had a case already, because a query had already been sent to my department.

UCJ: You said that there was a lot of interest in the elections. But why do you think the school authorities will be so interested in the electioneering process?

MOTE: Well…..everyone knows that when it comes to student activism and the University of Ibadan, two male halls come to mind; Zik Hall and Independence Hall. And like it was said, after that protest, it was said that Independence Hall alone in that particular year, had like four protests. Nobody is a mad person. So, they made it seem as if there was an allowable limit and we had exceeded that. Activism was at its peak in the hall and all its common knowledge that the school management is not one that will totally encourage student activism. I guess……. To be honest, immediately I was sent a query, I just knew within me that I wasn’t going to contest anymore. There were a lot of people in the protest, at least over two hundred, but why me in particular. So, it was obvious that the school was trying to be proactive in a sense.

UCJ: During the protest, there might have been a lot of people there; not only you but a lot of popular people.

MOTE: Yea a lot

UCJ: So do you think that a set of persons within the school authorities is against you as a person? Or have you had any issues with them, perhaps something has transpired between you and them to warrant your being singled out?

MOTE: None whatsoever, in fact the truth is, I remember the day after the protest to tell you how funny the whole thing was to me; a group of Kantangites went to see our hall warden over electoral issues. Because then the electoral committees was set up and a lot of thing were not right as regards the modality of the election and infrastructure; getting ballot boxes and all that and sorting out who the electoral chairman would be. So I went with a group of Katangites, myself, I remember Koran, that’s the former General Secretary, Toheeb, the NANS chairman and two other guys. We went to his office the day after the protest. They were speaking to him about the whole electoral committee issues we were having in Independence Hall and then he veered off at some point and started talking about the protest. He said “and about the protest that happened yesterday, those involved, don’t worry we will soon know who is right and who is wrong and then…. that Mote”. I was there, I was seated there, he said “that Mote, I saw him on the protest ground and I told him that Katangites should return and he was insisting that until when we have proved that things are sorted, we are not going back to the hall… all this…this.. this…he just kept on insisting and insisting. So that Mote, don’t worry we will soon know who is right in a little while”. And I was there. It was very funny because the other guys in his office just looked at me and they told me not to say anything. So I just kept quiet and I was looking at him. It was obvious (from what he said that) there was no point in time whereby myself and the Hall Warden personally had any rapport. In fact I wasn’t the mouth piece; I wasn’t the person that spoke to the members of the school management when they came to the protest ground. So, immediately we left his office, under the advice of the other guys that we went to his office together, they said I should return and tell him that I am Mote. So I returned to his office and told him “sir, I am the Mote you were talking about. You and I have never seen each other face to face like this. Yesterday, we did not have any interaction at any time so I’m surprised” and he didn’t say anything. It was all so funny to me really.

UCJ: We heard that your scholarship(s) has been affected by the SDC decision. How true is that?

MOTE: No, none of my scholarships were affected. Actually, none that I know of.

UCJ: Do you feel it’s an act of injustice that you were singled out and a case was raised against you? Or you think that the school authorities were trying to make a scape-goat out of you to surpress further protest activities in the future? Or stifle the voices of active students on campus?

MOTE: Either way. Either, the first one, the former or the latter, I feel I don’t deserve the jugdement I was given. Because for one, I think it’s unprecedented in the university community. Because I took the liberty of getting certain SDC resolutions; previous ones and I have never seen at any time where an issue over a protest; peaceful one where anybody; even SU protests that shut down the school, I have never heard. I took my time to go over at least three or four past SDC resolutions. For all I know from the time I joined that protest till we got back to the hall, nothing in terms of vandalization or harassment of any individual took place. In that sense, I feel bad because this is my final year and giving me a semester extra has some implications obviously. But what has been consoling me, what I have been telling myself is…. What has happened, I can beat my chest anywhere and say the school did what they did but I didn’t steal anything; I didn’t do anything criminal, I am very sure of that. All that has happened, I want to thank God that it is not a case of theft, squatting or a case of malpractice or whatever corrupt practice. I know it is an undeserving judgement.

UCJ: What are your next steps? What actions are you taking? Are you appealing against the decision or keeping quiet with your heads raised high and walk around UI and do your thing?

MOTE: Well for me, in fact, for now I just want to leave this school. I am telling you. I have seen the really ugly side of this school that there is no justice. The way the SDC is set up, you have how many school representatives there and you have just two representatives from the student body. It’s intimidating. And in the real sense, what they are supposed to do as students, you can’t blame them when they are not efficient in defending the rights of the students. Because you have like sixty people or there about versus two people. So In that sense, you can’t blame them if they can’t do much. I can bear the cross of this because I have done a lot of soul searching to ask myself if anything was particularly wrong that I did and don’t know…..I don’t know. I guess a lot of student groups are not really very happy with this and I stop to think what perspectives they could be seeing this from. They see this as the school trying to make precedence for future occurrences. So I guess if they are fighting, that is what they are fighting for. Me, I am fine. I will just make sure, of course that what is paramount is my studies. I’ll make sure that when I’m back in second semesters, because I don’t know…. I have not received the letter officially but the verdict was pronounced. Most of the things said, as they were saying them is that it is this academic semester it will take effect from; so I’m not going to have an academic record for this semester, I’ll have my second semester and then come back next session to round off. For me, I am good.

UCJ: It is a general notice that the Katangites held a protest against the judgement of the SDC. Did that protest avail much? Did it change anything?

MOTE: I really don’t know. To be honest I distanced myself from all that. I really don’t know much about it. Kantangites are pained, the few ones I spoke to. Their pain was that there were a lot of Katangites on that panel – SDC list- and a lot of the cases they see as feeble. Things that would have been sorted out in the Hall. Some of the cases, from what I was told, had to do with people not clearing from the hall on time, people not paying on time but eventually paying. Things like that, but I am not so sure. The numbers that turned out, from what I heard about the protest, was up to four hundred. And I feel when such numbers turn out, it means it is a general dissatisfaction.

UCJ: Do you think that the ‘disunity’ is the cause why the Katangites wash their dirty linen in public instead of sorting it out as a family? Do you think it is as a result of disunity or there is a bad blood in the Hall or something?

MOTE: I don’t know. I feel to some people it was easy to blame the hall warden; I don’t have anything personally against him, because he is an elderly person in the university community and I respect him. For some people, It was very easy to blame the hall executive members but some people are quick to forget that we didn’t particularly have a very good relationship towards the tail end of the last administration. There were a lot of things that put Independence Hall in a bad light of course him in a bad light. Administrative lapses. In the last administration, Katangites were complaining even up to Student Affairs about the handling of their affairs by the executives then. I heard, about twenty something or there about petitions were written by students of the hall to the Student Affairs about the activities of the last administration. We all know how hierarchy works; they will definitely get across to him from there and definitely they won’t be satisfied with what is going on in the hall. It was easy to blame the warden but it all boils down to what happened in the administration last session. The lesson from all that has happened to Independence Hall is that the relationship between the students and the management is not a cohesive one that it should be.

UCJ: Any final words?

MOTE: My final word is to just thank the UCJ. It shows you people are responsive, responsible and very sensitive to all that goes on in the University community. My mum is a journalist by the way; she retired in tribune. Journalism boils down to the sensitivity of prevalent issues. So I want to say thank you.

UCJ: Thanks for coming, for honouring our invitation

MOTE: You are welcome. It’s my pleasure.
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Management Finally Shuts Down University Of Ibadan Over Rusticated 500 Level Student

Report reaching us here in UI is that, the management had ordered all students to vacate all Hall of residences and academic activities should be suspended till further notice.

It will be recalled that, Tunji Epketi Micheal, a 500L student of the department of Petroleum Engineering, Faculty of Technology and a resident of Independence Hall,was recently rusticated from University of Ibadan for been part of those who protested over light and water issue that occurred on the 18th of November last year, 2015. 

Now UI has finally joined the likes of Unilag and OAU, suspending academic activities.

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Monday, 25 April 2016

British High Commission In Nigeria Announces Job Vacancies

The British High Commission invites applicants to fill the following vacant position.

"The British Government is an inclusive and diversity-friendly employer. We value difference, promote equality and challenge discrimination, enhancing our organisational capability. We welcome and encourage applications from people of all backgrounds.

We do not discriminate on the basis of disability, race, colour, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, veteran status or other category protected by law. We promote family-friendly flexible working opportunities, where operational and security needs allow."

Job Overview:

Grade: A1 (L)
Type of Position: Part-Time
Working hours per week: 16
Region: Africa
Country/Territory: Nigeria
Location (City): Abuja
Type of Post; British High Commission

Job Category
Foreign and Commonwealth Office (Residence and Support Staff)
Job Subcategory

Job Description (Roles and Responsibilities)

Receive and greet visitors

Handle, log and distribute all incoming and outgoing mail
Operating the switchboard, handling and forwarding customer’s enquiries)
Managing transport bookings during working hours for Chancery staff
Ensuring smooth running of reception area

Essential qualifications and experience

Great organisational skills, effective communication and ability to deliver a quality service under pressure
Previous experience as a Receptionit
Previous administration experience
MS office

Required competencies

Seeing the Big Picture, Collaborating and Partnering, Managing a Quality Service, Delivering at Pace

Application deadline 29 April 2016

To Apply Click:
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15 Words You Should Eliminate From Your Vocabulary To Sound Smarter

People don't have the time or the attention span to read any more words than necessary. You want your readers to hear you out, understand your message, and perhaps be entertained, right? Here's a list of words to eliminate to help you write more succinctly.

1. That
It's superfluous most of the time. Open any document you've got drafted on your desktop, and find a sentence with "that" in it. Read it out loud. Now read it again without "that." If the sentence works without it, delete it. Also? Don't use "that" when you refer to people. "I have several friends that live in the neighborhood." No. No, you don't. You have friends who . Not friends that.

2. Went
I went to school. Or the store, or to church, or to a conference, to Vegas, wherever it is you're inclined to go. Instead of "went," consider drove, skated, walked, ran, flew. There are any number of ways to move from here to there. Pick one. Don't be lazy and miss the chance to add to your story.

3. Honestly
People use "honestly" to add emphasis. The problem is, the minute you tell your reader this particular statement is honest, you've implied the rest of your words were not. #Awkward

4. Absolutely
Adding this word to most sentences is redundant. Something is either necessary, or it isn't. Absolutely necessary doesn't make it more necessary. If you recommend an essential course to your new employees, it's essential. Coincidentally, the definition of essential is absolutely necessary. Chicken or egg, eh?

5. Very
Accurate adjectives don't need qualifiers. If you need to qualify it? Replace it. "Very" is intended to magnify a verb, an adjective, or another adverb. What it does is makes your statement less specific. If you're very happy? Be ecstatic. If you're very sad, perhaps you're melancholy or depressed. Woebegone, even. Very sad is a lazy way of making your point. Another pitfall of using very as a modifier? It's subjective. Very cold and very tall mean different things to different people. Be specific. She's 6'3" and it's 13 degrees below freezing? These make your story better while also ensuring the reader understands the point you're making.

6. Really
Unless you're a Valley Girl, visiting from 1985, there's no need to use "really" to modify an adjective. Or a verb. Or an adverb. Pick a different word to make your point. And never repeat "really," or "very" for that matter. That's really, really bad writing.
If you are visiting from 1985? Please bring the birth certificate for my Cabbage Patch Doll on your next visit. Thanks.

7. Amazing
The word means "causing great surprise or sudden wonder." It's synonymous with wonderful, incredible, startling, marvelous, astonishing, astounding, remarkable, miraculous, surprising, mind-blowing, and staggering. You get the point, right? It's everywhere. It's in corporate slogans. It dominated the Academy Awards acceptance speeches. It's all over social media. It's discussed in pre-game shows and post-game shows.
Newsflash: If everything is amazing , nothing is.

8. Always
Absolutes lock the writer into a position, sound conceited and close-minded, and often open the door to criticism regarding inaccuracies.
Always is rarely true. Unless you're giving written commands or instruction, find another word.

9. Never
See: Always.

10. Literally
"Literally" means literal. Actually happening as stated. Without exaggeration. More often than not, when the term is used, the writer means "figuratively." Whatever is happening is being described metaphorically. No one actually "waits on pins and needles." How uncomfortable would that be?

11. Just
It's a filler word and it makes your sentence weaker, not stronger. Unless you're using it as a synonym for equitable, fair, even-handed, or impartial, don't use it at all.

12. Maybe
This makes you sound uninformed, unsure of the facts you're presenting. Regardless of the topic, do the legwork, be sure, write an informed piece. The only thing you communicate when you include these words is uncertainty.

13. Stuff
This word is casual, generic even. It serves as a placeholder for something better. If the details of the stuff aren't important enough to be included in the piece? Don't reference it at all. If you tell your reader to take your course because they'll learn a lot of stuff ? They're likely to tell you to stuff it.

14. Things
See: Stuff.

15. Irregardless
This doesn't mean what you think it means, jefe . It means regardless. It is
literally (see what I did there?) defined as: regardless. Don't use it. Save yourself the embarrassment.

Whether you're ghostwriting for your CEO, updating a corporate blog, selling a product, or finishing your doctoral thesis, you want to keep your reader engaged. These 15 words are a great place to start trimming the fat from your prose. Bonus? You’ll sound smarter.
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Building An International Career: A Step By Step Approach

As an undergraduate there are so many things going through your mind, you read about the economy and the frequent lose of job, mass sacking and all that then you tell yourself "I can't kill myself" the yoruba's have a funky way of saying it.
Let me tell you even at the height of US economic recession, when the manufacturing sector was at its nadir of misery, firms were still hiring so don't panic.
Building an International career requires discipline and determination. Your course of study doesn't matter much but a numerate discipline will always give you an edge. Let's see how we can build an International career from the scratch

1. Get a foreign work experience before you graduate. How is this possible? When your department organises a FUN TRIP please endeavour to attend if you don't have money go and borrow. Are You going there to have fun? No but it is an avenue for you to gain international work experience. Before the trip, browse any local agency or NGO around that part of the country where you guys will reside temporarily, volunteer to work with agency or NGO even if it is just for can keep in touch with them later online. This is where your CV begins.... you will continually update your CV with the activities of the organisation even you didn't participate actively you are part of them at the end you can claim a 1 or 2 years Volunteering with them....(you have a foreign experience; even if it's Togo)

2 Strive to finish with a good grade. No matter the opposition a (1.1) is good but if you can get it, don't let the (2.1) slip away. Study like your life depends on it (of course it does), avoid distractions as much as possible. Study smart if the discipline doesn't interest you and you are hoping to seek another career path please read just to pass the exams with flying colours. (Study with past questions even when exam is not around the corner cram as much as possible; I knew I won't be a good fish farmer hence from day one I started cramming...the earlier the better)

3. Ensure you get a good internship position in a structured environment. This might be difficult but like I said you have to be DETERMINED "In Kanu's voice". There are organisations that I know that have internship slots almost all through the year...(SCB, P&G, KPMG, Oil and Gas etc). Don't wait until you graduate before you start hunting internship positions. Use your long vacations and SIWESfor internship not roaming about. If you successful spend 2-3 months on internship, in a structured environment, that is another 1 year work experience...

We add that to our CV.....How do we get internship positions? Envisage when your long vacation will probably fall, start applying 2 months before that period. Send both Soft and Hard copies. Send the hard copy through courier services or Nipost. (I still use Nipost... cheesy,..yeah! go to the post office use it. That is why your parents are paying taxes. You can list all the addresses of companies you want take them to nipost and start sending as many times as you is far cheaper) This way your application goes to the Hr unit and the appropriate person is viewing it. You might be lucky and get a call.

4. Learn a foreign Language. If you have like minds around 4 or 5 of you can tax yourselves raise a small amount of money (5-20k) hire a french teacher from one of the secondary schools around ( I got a diploma while serving and it's really giving me an edge at the office). Take it with passion. Or you can wait, while serving enrol for a french course and get a diploma. Bottom line, Ensure you learn french before pulling the khaki.

5. Participate in school activities. Join an NGO, or the Sport club (football, tennis, volley ball etc), quiz club etc....also join any reasonable association (state association etc)...Why are we joining? You are joining not because you love to (although it depends on the individual) undecided, but because we need the leadership experience so Ensure you become an exco preferably the president. Even if it's a church activity. Now that is a section in our CV building. Ensure you get involved in at least 4 groups hold leadership position in at least two. Get the certificates and document properly.

6 Try to win a scholarship no matter how paltry the sum is. Even if it is baba ijebu scholarship. Registered or unregistered. At least get MTN scholarship (it's easier compared to shell et al) ....We will also incude this in our CV building....

7. If you are in a non numerate discipline you can register for the ATS stuff. ATS 1 & 2, is ok just to sharpen your business skill and get you familiar with business terms and basic management principles. (I got 1,2 and 3) while still in school or you get a software certification depends on your interest.....This will also be in your CV...

8. Finally, while serving ensure you get as many certification as possible no matter how useless the certification seems....Nim, HSE, pmp, Customer service....everything just ensure you get as much as possible.....(i used poly bag to carry my certification after Nysc undecided)..pls just select some and include in your CV...if you put all, your may enter the 5th page lool...

With this CV you can apply to almost any international graduate programme. You can come to us ********, Mckinsey, SCB, you can go to the oil and gas, Heineken, IBM, BAT, Ericsson, Telecomms These are some of the places that can reward your hard work appropriately....before you start eyeing IMF, World Bank,Microsoft, Google, AFDB, UN, CBN et al.....
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Sunday, 24 April 2016

PHOTOS: UNIPORT Female Student That Was Shot Dead During Protest Buried

Gina was shot 5 times and left to die in Aluu (University of Portharcourt) Rivers State allegedly by police men in the guise of accidental discharge during the school's violent protest earlier this month. She was the only child of her parents. Her dad is late also.

She was buried yesterday and her cousin shared pics from the burial along with a heartbreaking note from her wounded and broken mother.


"Yesterday my beautiful daughter was put to rest.. The heaviness in my heart can't be eased, knowing that no one is taking responsibility of your death. The police killed you and never showed remorse for your death. Nigeria is as messed up as its leaders. May you rest in peace my angel. Your death has paint everything in my life into a different shades of remorse, I keep regretting sending you there, I feel guilty Gina..The sorrow I feel to lose you Gina is the price I have paid to have you in my life, your memories is all I have, which helped me survived the storms and struggles of our daily lives we shared together. I see it from henceforth as my job to mourn you until the day I die. I can't loose you, you are part of reason for everything in my life. Pls God how can I go through? Till we meet again. RIP Gina my doctor as I always called you. I will always love you my daughter"

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PHOTO: Lauretta Obakpolor, UNIBEN's S.U.G President

She is Lauretta Obakpolor,a 400 level student of Pharmacy,The outspoken,bold and charismatic Lauretta won five other contestants to emerge the winner of the polls.
Uniben students eschewed gender bias and voted her because she was arguably the best of all six candidates,she is the second woman to lead the Students' Union Government.
She won her closest rival Iyekekpolor Clifford Efosa by a margin of over 800 votes.This is a pointer to the Nigerian society that women can excel politically if Lauretta could win amidst gender descrimination from opponents.
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Monday, 18 April 2016

Bola Ige’s Family Announces N29m Scholarship For Indigent Students In Osun, Oyo

The family of the late Chief Bola Ige, former Attorney General of the Federation, has announced a N29 million scholarship for indigent students of Osun and Oyo states.

According to the son of the late former attorney general, Mr Olumuyiwa Ige, 66 students have been selected from public schools across the states.

Ige, a former Commissioner in the state, said the students would go through a competitive selection process to choose the best of them.

He stated that the scholarship is intended for students in the senior and junior secondary school categories.

He explained that two students would be picked from each category.

“The rationale behind this scheme is to keep the legacy of my late father alive in the area of prioritising qualitative education for children irrespective of their backgrounds and colours.

“The modality of the scholarships is through giving free education worth N12 million to pupils in the junior category, which will cover their education, feeding, and accommodation from JSS 1 to SS3.

“Also, in the senior category, N2.5 million worth of scholarship will be given to the two winners in the `A’ Level programme, for the duration of one year.

“This will qualify them to get admission in any university around the world.

“The totality of the scholarship scheme is N29 million in all – that is, N24 million for the junior category, and N5 million for the senior category.

“What makes the scheme easier and effective is that our family school, the Vale College, Ibadan is where the students will enjoy the scholarships, which will make mentoring and monitoring more effective,” Ige said.

The Vice-Principal of the school, Mr Billy Oladimeji, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that the selection process was on merit.

He said the second stage of the scheme, was an oral test, with a view to discovering the oratory prowess of the students, the virtue in which late Bola Ige was known for in his life time.

Oladimeji stated that the winners in the two categories will emerge eventually after the completion of the second stage at Ibadan. (NAN)
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5 Basics Steps To Take When Updating Your CV

Applying to different jobs with same CV is mostly unproductive. If you do this, don’t be surprised if you are not getting positive results. Every job position has a specific requirement. Tailoring your CV for each position you applied for could give you a better chance of landing that expected interview. Employers need qualified candidates that will be of great benefit to their business. If the information on your paper is cogent enough to meet up with their expectations, then you are in for a great deal.

To update CV successfully, the following steps can be put into consideration:
1. Review job description: Go through the job description of the position you intend to apply for. Access yourself and take note of your skills, experiences and education that is relevant which can make you an ideal candidate for the position.
2. Re-brand your career Objective or Profile: This section of your CV must be at the top. Rewrite and tailor it to the overall requirements of the position you are applying for. Use action words and chip in your education, experience and any important information in a brief.

3. Refresh SAEEXP Sections: Review your skills, Achievement, education & experiences (SAEEXP) and others extensively. Us the notes you have taken (step 1) as a guide to help you tailor the details of your qualifications to deal with each of the individual requirements laid out/expected in the job roles. Create bullet points that marry qualifications you’ve gained to date with each requirement of the role. Use laudable examples of your past experiences. If the job you want requires financial management, explain in detail about how you successfully managed finances of your previous employers.
4. Renew the Layout: Go through your CV’s layout thoroughly. Test different fonts and sizes, don’t use stylish font (I prefer New times, Ariel or Calibri). Stick to a basic layout that covers your contact details, skills, work experience, education and others in that order. It must be easy on the eye. Don’t use multiple colours and ensure that you do not leave too much white space on the page.
5. Review grammar and spelling: This must be done with absolute care. Go through the CV over and over again and check your spellings/grammar. You can as well get a second person (better of) to review it before your submission.
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PHOTOS: Asthmatic Student Of UNIPORT Dies From Police Teargas In Port Harcourt

Miss Regina was one of the unsung casualties of the crisis that erupted at the University of Port Harcourt, Monday, which left at least one person died. The Bio Medical Technology undergraduate who was asthmatic allegedly died as a result of tear gas sprayed by men of the Nigerian Police Force during the students protest over the increment of their school fees and other sundry policies. May her soul rest in peace.  

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25 Born Again Christians Return WAEC Certificates

NO fewer than 25 former candidates who sat for either the school or privates examinations conducted by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) and are born again Christians have returned their certificate claiming it was acquired through fraudulent means.

Sunday Sun learnt that the affected born again former candidates in obeying the Christian doctrine of seeking for restitution, approached WAEC, through letters and personal visits to the council, seeking for restitution after they had confessed how they acquired their certificates when they wrote the examinations at various periods.

A senior staff of WAEC disclosed that the council wrote to the candidates explaining what they were ex-­pected to do which is to return the certificates in accordance with the rules and regulations guiding the conduct of the examinations.

Investigations revealed that those who complied with the directive returned their certificates to various WAEC offices nationa wide, and the council took their cases to the Nigeria Examinations Committee (NEC), which met recently in Lagos and cancelled the returned 25 certificates.

The one-­page WAEC document revealed that the returned certificates by the born again Christians are for both the May/June (school exam) and November/December (private candidates) West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

Breakdown of the year

the examinations were taken revealed that the oldest certificates dates back to June 1980 with certificates dated 1986 for Nov/Dec with certificates nos NGPO497232 and NGO 442267 and three obtained in 1989, all for school examinations with certificates nos NGPO 1004584, NGPO 823128 and NGO 1002145.

In the1993 Nov/Dec exam, two candidates sought restitution and returned their certificates, while 1994, 1997,1999, 2000, 2006, 2008,and 2009, one person each returned their certificates. In 2001, three did so, in 2003 (two), 2004 (three) and in the May/June school examinations, two candidates returned their certificates

Seventeen of former WAEC candidates that returned their certificates wrote the May/June West African Senior School Certificate Examinations (WASSCE) and eight sat for the Nov/Dec WASSCE.

A former principal and now proprietor of Royal Academy International, Oshodi, Mr. Olatunji Ogunmode, commended the candidates for seeking restitution after many years of acquiring the certificates, and urged several others to obey the Biblical command. Ogunmode warned other candidates in future

WAEC exams to stay clear of examination malpractices, noting that if they were not caught in the classroom for exam fraud, nemesis would certainly catch up with them, no matter how long it takes.

Pastor Miracle Wisdom said the 25 former WAEC candidates by returning the certificates they acquired wrongly are obeying the Christian doctrine by seeking for restitution, and that no matter how long it took them to come forward, their past sins are forgiven.

Wisdom was however silent on what happens to higher certificates the 25 candidates used the WAEC certificates to acquire, nothing “the most important thing is that they came forward to admit how they passed their exams. It is a welcome development, it would make others not to engage in exam fraud.’’

The pastor said there are several verses in the Bible to support restitution which conform to what the 25 born

again Christians did by confessing their sins and seeking for restitution from WAEC. John 1:9 says ‘’If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us [our] sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness’’.

While Number 5:6-­7 says ’’When a man or woman commits any of the sins that people commit by breaking faith with the Lord, and that person realizes his guilt, he shall confess his sin that he has committed.[a] And he shall make full restitution for his wrong.’’
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PHOTOS: Alaafin Of Oyo Decorated As The Chancellor Of University Of Maiduguri

The Alafin of Oyo, Oba (Dr) Lamidi Olayiwole Adeyemi received his investiture as the chancellor of University of Maiduguri at a special convocation ceremony on Friday, April 15 ahead of the university's 40th Anniversary and convocation ceremony held on Saturday. The Alaafin was also conferred with an Honorary Degree.

Also pictured is the Alafin of Oyo, his wifes and the Council Chairman Alhaji Lawan Bukar Marguba, the Vice-Chancellor Professor Ibrahim Abubakar Njodi, Council members, and Principal Officers at commemoration of the tree planting at the University Date Palm Orchard near Vice-Chancellor's complex.

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6 Boys Rape SSS1 Student In Kaduna

Linda, 17, an SSS 1 (Senior Secondary School class 1) student who is still struggling to walk, was with her cousin, Rahila when the boys appeared.

Her cousin escaped but Linda was unlucky as she was dragged by the six men to a river bank. The men raped her turn by turn before the cousin could raise the alarm.

Two boys were captured at the scene of the incident by the parents of the victim, when Rahila, the lady who escaped reported the matter to the community. Others were arrested by a vigilante group in the area and handed over to the police.

The boys who carried out the dastardly act are: Abubakar Abdul Danjuma, 18, Jamilu Moh'd ,14, Shamsideen Moh'd, 20, Garba Hamisu, 13, Isah Dauda, 17, and Abdul Rasheed Dahiru, 17.

Pulse gathered that the boys, who are still under police detention, were taken to the Mohammed Dabo Lere Memorial General Hospital in Saminaka for tests in other to ascertain their health status.

Meanwhile, the rape victim, Linda has called on human right groups to come to her aid following the incident she said has battered her image in the eyes of the community and school mates.

Linda said her parent’s condition is frustrating the case from getting public attention adding that even though the Police Division Officer in the area appeared to be objective in the pursuing the case, the boys were granted bail.

It was gathered that the Police Commissioner in Kaduna has asked the DPO in Saminaka to produce the boys and bring them to Kaduna.

Pulse gathered that the parents of the raped girl have been asked to bring N30,000 for the transportation of the boys from Saminaka to Kaduna Police command.

Narrating her ordeal to Pulse, Linda said: “On Tuesday April 5, 2016, iIwas with my cousin, Rahila James, aged 14, a JSS1 student. We were sent to go and buy vegetables for lunch at about 1pm. On our way, some boys from Unguwan Jumare appeared and started molesting us by touching our breasts forcefully.”

“Despite our resistance, my cousin escaped but I was dragged to the bank of a river. They pushed me inside and followed me; I wrestled as they struggled To Molest me. They closed my mouth in order to prevent me from shouting so as not attract passers-by. Consequently, I was weak and they took turns To Molest me,” she said.

“Seeing what was happening to me from a distance, my cousin ran home to alert our people. Some of the boys later left me and stood by the bank of the river. As I managed to go out of the river, they pursued me again and tore my clothes and forcefully raped me again.”

“On sighting someone who was approaching the scene, they took to their heels. As I managed to walk back home, two of them followed me from behind, one of them raped me while his partner watched for passersby. As Rahila, my cousin got home, she narrated the story to one of our elders, Baba Isa.”

Baba Isa followed Rahila to the scene and when the boys saw him, they made attempts to flee but he stopped them. Upon interrogation, the boys told the elder that they were only begging me over what they did to me.

“I could not recognize any of them. It was Baba Isa that recognized them, thus, my dad and Baba Isa reported the case to the vigilante men but they advised that the matter should be discussed at their office. The boys were arrested and taken to the Divisional Police Headquarters in Saminaka,” Linda said.

It was gathered that the parents of the boys are requesting that the matter should be settled outside the police station, but the victim, who said she is traumatized because her friends and neighbours laugh at her, is asking the police to ensure that justice is done.

“I cannot walk freely,” Linda said adding, “I have no one to speak for me. They are putting pressure on my parents to forgive them. I am the victim and not my parents. They are using emotions to beg my parents because my parents are voiceless. I beg for a voice to speak for me. Please sir, I beg you to use your good office and prevail on the government to ensure that justice is done,” Linda said with tears in her eyes.

“They want to use their connections and stop the case from getting public attention. I want the whole world to hear so that other innocent girls may not fall victims to these randy boys,” she added

Linda who commended the police over the way they’re handling the matter, called on human right groups to come to her aid.
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University Of Maiduguri Graduates 172 First-Class Students

University of Maiduguri, Borno State, on Saturday presented first-class degree certificates to 172 students of the institution during its 22nd combined convocation.
The Vice-Chancellor of the institution Prof. Ibrahim Njodi, who, according to the News Agency of Nigeria announced this at the ceremony, said 37, 259 students, comprising five sets of students from 2009 to 2015, graduated at the convocation.

“It is gratifying to inform you that the university graduated five sets of students from 2009/2010, 2010/2011, 2012/2013, 2013/2014, and 2014/2015 academic sessions from 12 colleges, faculties, distance learning centre and 23 affiliated colleges.
“A total of 37, 259 students were graduated. Out of this, 32, 869 were regular students, 841 students were from affiliated colleges and 3,549 students were from the Distant Learning Programme,’’ Njodi said.

He said the university had signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund and Norwegian Embassy to work out a programme on de-radicalisation of repentant members of the Boko Haram terrorists group.
“There is a strong partnership between the university and the UNICEF on safe schools project.
“In this regard, the university will continue to explore all avenues for support and collaborations,’’ Njodi said.

He said there were plans by the university to organise an international conference on Boko Haram terrorism to facilitate research into the mystery behind the group.
According to him, the move is pursuant to President Muhammadu Buhari’s call during his inaugural speech on the need to conduct an in-depth research towards understanding the Boko Haram insurgency.
He said it was also consistent with “our mandate of solving societal problems through research.’’
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Saturday, 16 April 2016

PHOTOS: Aisha Buhari Commissions 572 Capacity Female Hostel In University Of Maiduguri

Aisha Buhari today April 15 commissioned a 572 capacity female hostel named after her at the University of Maiduguri in Borno state.

See more photos below

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PHOTOS: Students Dancing In Erotic Fashion At A Pool Party

As their parents were working hard to pay their fees, these rotten campus students were busy grinding on each other and displaying madness in a pool party that they had organized over the weekend. Ladies offered themselves freely and male students wasted no chance. Now, if you are wondering what part of Africa this ratchet incident happened, don't expect us to tell you, but your guess might just be good as our thought. Check out the photos below...

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